Spamtastic Advice for Bloggers!

Yummmmy!This is going to be one of my shortest posts, but an important one to all bloggers. I just finished doing regular maintenance on all my blogs and was amazed at the tremendous increase the amount of Spam during the past week. I had over 200 spam comments on this blog alone. That is an increase of 600% over the typical amount of spam I receive.

Sure, I could give the typical (and critical) advice that all bloggers need a top notch spam blogging plugin. But here is some equally important advice:

Don’t just delete spam. Be sure it is tagged as spam!

Akismet, the plugin I use (and recommend) finds 99.9+% of all spam on my blogs, but occasionally something slips through. And when it does, you should be sure that it’s identified as spam according to the procedures of your software. Doing so (at least with Akismet) added that commentor to the larger spammer list shared by everyone using that software. As part of the blogging community, you are doing your part to clean up the Internet graffiti (well, graffiti minus the artistic value).

UPDATE: Wow, there were 44 new spam comments since I wrote this post 10 hours ago!  Have you seen an increase in spam on your blog?


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Jim, my little blog is new and I get several spams per day, I believe they are from the same source. Akismet catches them, but I have just been deleting. How do I identify it as spam? I didn’t know that could be done. Thanks for the tip.

Hey Valerie! If Akismet is catching the spam, then they’ve already been identified as spam. So there’s nothing more to do. Great question. I probably needed to be clearer about this in my post. Thanks for asking.

I can’t imagine a blog without spam filter, Yan. It musta been a nightmare.

Yeah you are absolutely right, Jim. It’s one of those things you can’t manage a blog without. It’s just so indispensable I couldn’t find anything as effective as Akismet.


I’ve seen a huge increase in spam on my social bookmarking site. It’s been tough keeping up with it – about an hours work every day. I haven’t found a fool proof method for keeping that spam out, Akismet doesn’t quite do it.

Spamming is the way of black hat and many SEO knows it will hurt there site badly.

I agree with you, tagging them as Spam would help eliminate spam comments from your blog. I just hate it when I have to manually delete spam comments everyday.

That are too many spam comments. But why they increased so much.

Nice that you got to reduce the number of spam! I did not get to solve this problem!

i have two spam killer.
one akismet and spam karma work done.

Yeah, really akismet meets the purpose. I have tried it and it works fine. Spam should be handled the way it is done by Akisket.

Great Work, Great Post, Stay away from spams, always.

No increase in spam comments, or spam emails on this email, but my super secret private email though is getting hammered with spam. And most is slipping past the filters and rules. Most of it is for “watches”.

Good advice. Do you have more infomation about spam blogging plugin.

Another tip that can help if you get truck loads of spam comments is to keep a check on the IP addresses that are coming in. For about a week I had a particular IP address that sent a comment in about every 10 minutes and although Akismet was blocking them all, it began to get really annoying for checking through the rest of the spam and retrieving the odd comment that is mistakenly marked by Akismet.

Solution: Add a deny rule for the ip address in your .htaccess file… e.g…

order allow,deny
deny from
allow from all

Cheers, Dan

yeah, there are some good tag in spam, so just delete all easily as that..

Spam filter is good for blogs.. and Akismet is the best..

Funny – I have been using Akismet for years and never realised the “community” aspect that tagging a commenter as a spammer helps other WordPress owners. What a nice thought – I will adopt this policy from now on!

I have a wordpress blog and without akismet I couldn’t imagine running that site. I think spam can’t be totally avoided though, even with the plugin. But it certainly helps.

I agree that if you have a wordpress blog, you really should have Akismet installed however it still needs some common sense as well, ie don’t rely solely on Akismet, check the comments too, especially if many are from a single IP address.

No doubt Akismet do the right job for bloggers and it always catch all the spam.

Hmm..Seriously I wonder when spammer list is collected, who is going to do anything on them? Is there such a thing call spammer list? (Anyway I have no idea how askimet works but it really works!)

Sometime spam is one thing but phishing is really another that is intolerable!

Thanks for this useful post. Does word press has the capability of finding spams? Because I have many of my blogs with WP.

@Graham Cox – I’m not sure if WordPress comes with Akismet since it was a very long time ago I installed WP. However, you could just check. If it dosen’t have, you have to install external plugins.

Good advise, Jim. I have solely depended on Askimet to fight those spams and I’m quiet satisfied with its performance so far.

I had it without Akismet on another blog just to measure its effectiveness and you’d not believe the amount of spams I’m receiving each day.

Akismet is catching most of the spam,but not all. So don’t rely solely on Akismet.

Im agree with your coments about spam .. but , see , there a lot of peculiar people… I really dont know who has curiosity and who is spamer ….

Oh God! The horrible spams! I am always scared about them! By the way, thank you so much for this informative and useful bits of info on that.

For us I mean the bloggers I guess spams are nothing but some monsters from hell. This is really becoming unbearable day by day!

Akismet is the best spam protector. But sometime I saw it makes spam some of my friends comments too. :)

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