Open Letter to Blogging Startup Readers

Ernie_Ducky_Breakup_200x220Dear faithful reader (or really anyone who happens to be visiting the blog),

I am so sorry about the way I left.  I know, it was abrupt.  I should have said something.  But sometimes it’s just too painful.  There was so much going on…so many things I had to think about, to work out.  No, it wasn’t you, I promise.  It was me.

So many times I’ve wanted to tell you why I left.  What I was doing.  But even I could not make sense of it all.  But I’m back now.  Well, that is, if you will take me back.

I know you have probably changed also.  You may not want me back.  You might have found someone else.  But I’m just asking for a second chance.  I want to win you back.  I want to be the blogger that you deserve.  I need you.  You make me want to be a better man.

So, here I am…exposing my very soul to you.  Asking for you to forgive, and someday, forget.  Will you have me back?


Jim – Blogging Startup”


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